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Cory Binsfield

Lake Superior Rents-Asgard Vanaheim Properties


Harry Ein

Perfection Promo


Rich and Vicki Fulop



Lizzi Ackerman and Matt LaCasse

Birch Benders

Nadler and daughters

Lazlo Nadler


Laszlo Nadler, shown with his family, founded Tools4Wisdom, which sells planners on Amazon, after a career as a project manager at a big bank.


Meghan Telpner

MeghanTelpner.com and the Academy of Culinary Nutrition

Nutritionist Meghan Telpner created her wellness site MeghanTelpner.com and the Academy of Culinary Nutrition after healing herself from a serious illness and now covers topics from "health" foods that aren't good for you to motherhood.

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Joey Healy

Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio

Joey Healy turned his unique method for styling eyebrows into a fast-growing business that now includes a New York City salon and an eyebrow makeup line.


Rebecca Krones

Tropical Traders Specialty Foods

Rebecca Krones and her husband Luis Zevallos spotted a demand in the marketplace for honey that consumers knew was unadulterated and created Tropical Traders Specialty Foods.


Sol Orwell


Sol Orwell hires experts to write carefully-researched reports on nutritional supplements and sells them at his website Examine.com. His business allows him time to travel three or four months out of the year.

Katherine Krug Office

Katherine Krug

Better Back

Katherine Krug developed painful sciatica after long-hours spent at her desk at a job at a startup. She created her own posture-support product, BetterBack, raised money to fund it on Kickstarter, and now runs a fast-growing business of her own.


Dan Mezheritsky

Fitness on the Go

After tearing a hamstring, Dan Mezheritsky, who was a junior national champion decathlete in Canada, founded Fitness on the Go, an in-home personal training franchise. His one-person business generates about $5.5 million in annual revenue.


Jeffrey Rinz


Veteran sales pro Jeffrey Rinz started foodWorks in Cary, N.C., to engineer, sell and install equipment for large industrial food processing plants. "I've always admired people who built their own freedom, their own income streams and are not dependent on other people," he says. His high-revenue business allows plenty of time to spend with his wife and two sons.


Boris Vaisman


Boris Vaisman and his brother Albert aimed to bring new life to men's wardrobes with colorful socks, sold by subscription. They were onto something, and their business Soxy took off quickly.


Kelly Lester

Kelly Lester

Mother-of-three Kelly Lester drew on her passion for healthy lunch packing to create a store that sells lunchboxes on Amazon. Also an actress, the Los Angeles entrepreneur recently made a deal to sell her lunchboxes at Target.


Jonathan Johnson

DirectGovSource and PPE.kits.com

Worried about his job security during the Great Recession, Jonathan Johnson started two businesses, DirectGovSource and PPE.kits.com, to sell supplies ranging from police riot helmets to infection-prevention kits to government clients. Today he generates $3.4 million in revenue.

TED Stare (1)

Dan Faggella

Science of Skill and Tech Emergence

Dan Faggella tapped his passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to create the online membership community Science of Skill--and eventually sold his business for more than $1 million. Now he runs Tech Emergence, a market research firm specializing in artificial intelligence.


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this book reveals the potential...

We're on the cusp of a profoundly different world of work, where almost half of the population will work for themselves. This book reveals the potential to build an insanely successful business of one.

Michael McDerment

Michael McDerment

Cofiunder and CEO of FreshBooks

Pofeldt offers creative tools and techniques

Pofeldt offers creative tools and techniques to help freelancers extend there own capabilities, providing unique lessons to anyone who wants more financial freedom-and time-to build a life of meaningful independence.

Sara Horowitz

Sara Horowitz

Executive Director & Founder of Freelancers Union and author of "The Freelancer's Bible"

Pofeldt has captured a revolution...

The wisdom of the crowd has given rise to the power of the individual. Elaine Pofeldt has captured a revolution and provided the prescriptive path to succeeding in an age when individual entrepreneurs can thrive.


Jeff Stibel

author of the New York Times best-selling "Breakpoint" and "Wired for Thought", partner at Bryant Stibel, and vice chairman at Dunn & Bradstreet